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Reunion Weekend 2021!

Thursday, September 30th - Sunday, October 3rd

Don’t miss this fantastic weekend to celebrate all things Kemper and connect with your fellow alum. Enjoy meet & greets, happy hours, music, traditions, ceremonies and the new Kemper Museum building!

The history, heritage, and pride of Kemper Military School continue to live on through our dedicated alumni association. When we look back at the impact KMS has made on our community, the nation, and the world -- we can't help but be proud that we are a part of the story. And it's far from over -- in fact, we are just beginning. We all have a part to play in the authoring of our future. It's up to us to ensure that the story of KMS is weaved into the fabric of this great country's military school history.

Let's continue to work together, strategize, and find new ways to tell our story and enrich our legacy.


In 2002, Kemper Military School lowered its flag for the last time and our organization set forth on a mission to honor and preserve KMS history.

Please help us to continue our mission by supporting the 1844 Society and our upcoming new Kemper Military School Museum!

Latest News

January 1, 2022

Dear Alumni & Friends, 

On behalf of your Kemper Military School and College Alumni Association, we wish you and your family a very warm and Happy New Year. After much reflection about the past year, it’s time to focus on new goals and priorities to achieve this year. To this end, the association has identified three key areas as priorities, the Kemper Museum, Alumni Chapters, and our Digital Presence.

As we head into 2022, these priorities are as follows:

·      Kemper Museum: There are many opportunities to further build out the Kemper Museum and bring the remaining archives to life and feature them across the many spaces in the museum.

·      Alumni Chapters: Per our bylaws, to assist in organizing state and local alumni chapters, it is time to start meeting locally and banding together in our hometowns. 

·      Digital Presence: The Kemper Museum website will be built out further as we head deeper into our strategy for this investment. The Association will leverage this asset to build alumni and community relations to support the core mission of the museum and the Alumni Association. 

Your board of directors believes there has never been a better time to get involved in the association than there is today. We so deeply appreciate each one of you and the support you provide to make all of this happen. In summary, let’s make this year a very memorable one by spending time with each other and sharing our common memories and ideas on how Kemper Military School and College made each of us who we are today.

Your Friend,

James Hallam

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