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The history, heritage, and pride of Kemper Military School continue to live on through our dedicated alumni association. When we look back at the impact KMS has made on our community, the nation, and the world -- we can't help but be proud that we are a part of the story. And it's far from over -- in fact, we are just beginning. We all have a part to play in the authoring of our future. It's up to us to ensure that the story of KMS is weaved into the fabric of this great country's military school history.

Let's continue to work together, strategize, and find new ways to tell our story and enrich our legacy.


Seventeen years ago Kemper Military School lowered its flag for the last time and our organization set forth on a mission to honor and preserve KMS history.

Please help us to continue our mission by supporting the 1844 Society and our upcoming new Kemper Military School Museum!

Latest News

Dear Alumni,

I am pleased to report our second KMS Museum work weekend was a huge success. Our small crew was able to create a plan for the flow of the museum and begin bringing over archives and placing them on the floor and walls. We then taped off the floors to visualize the layout of the display cabinets, the lounge area and the new bar that is being built for the museum. Plans were also made for the moving of class pictures back into the museum for placement and hanging.

The next steps are to finish the wood floors on the third floor, repair frames and class pictures, order display cases, pipe and drape the third floor inventory section, get estimates for the 2ndfloor windows to be replaced, layout the kitchen, build the new custom bar, create front wooden sign, install A/V TV above the bar and on balcony rails, new A/C duct work, repair A/C unit from fire and prep the 2nd floor for a re-creation of a cadet room. Finally, we will begin to bring the items of use from storage back to the museum for inventory and clean up for presentation.

There is lots of work left to be done and we are thrilled to have all of this in motion. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Laura and Jody Gramlich, Johnny Kartsonis, Bisham and Dash Perti, and Mike Stepto who helped me and the KMS Association all weekend.

The KMS Alumni Association is in full gear and we need everyone’s help with this project. Please mark your calendar for our next work weekend on July 8-11, 2021. You may also help by joining the 1844 Society at the following link:

I appreciate all the efforts and there has never been a better time to get involved with Kemper than right now!



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