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KMS Reunion Success!

October 14, 2021

October 14, 2021

Dear Alumni,

As we just wrapped up our “Old Boy” reunion in Boonville, I am happy to report that the weekends festivities were a resounding success. The festivities began on campus with our flag and wreath ceremonies, followed by the grand opening of the Kemper Military School and College Alumni Association Museum, the Tri-Military Trap Shoot with Missouri Military Academy and Wentworth, graveside ceremonies with F.T. Kemper and T.A. Johnson, Saturday night gala, and Sunday morning farewell breakfast.

The Museum grand opening will be remembered as one of the most pivotal and special moments in Kemper Military School history since the schools closing.

It has been along time coming for such a celebration as the last time the city closed MainStreet for a special event that involved Cadets marching was in 2002. As we watched the Missouri Military Academy’s band, Fusileers and Color Guard perform, I felt transported back to my days as a Kemper Cadet. It was a privilege to announce and host the weekends activities and I have the upmost gratitude to our Association, Alumni, and our legacy for performing those duties. While ringing the school bell, it harkened back to 1844 school year where it was rung for the first time and every subsequent year until the school closed. Additionally, it was a privilege to see all the MMA Cadets and KMS Alumni inspecting each uniform, article, and document in our Kemper archives.

It is important to give special thanks to General Rick Geraci, President of Missouri Military Academy, Richard Dehlinger, Deputy Commandant of Activities and Support, Robert Silbaugh, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, and Gary Stewart, Associate Director of Enrollment Management. Further, I would like to recognize all the members of these fine attachments!

MMA cadets participating in the Kemper Museum dedication ceremony included the following:

Fusileers Drill Team 


Academy Band

Color Guard

Additionally, I would like to personally say thank you to the following KMS board of directors as well as alumni, family and friends who worked tirelessly to bring the museum to life.

A very special thank you to George Hittner, President of Wentworth Academy Museum, and his staff for all their support and guidance on helping our museum get off the ground.

Going back to our Tri-Military Shoot, your “Yellow Jacket” team produced a fine group of shooters. We were 4 clays from winning, but close will not cut the cake. We’re practicing and will be trained up and ready for next year.

Thank you to all the Old Boys who participated and let’s recognize our “Yellow Jacket” team:

Additionally, I would like to recognize Missouri House of Representatives, Tim Dawn Taylor for the resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives, 101st General Assembly, First Regular Session recognizing Ellise and Jody Gramlich for their valuable assistance to save historical documents and memorabilia during the March 2021 downtown fire for the Kemper Alumni Association. Without their quick response, heroism and putting the needs of others before their own safety we thank you and owe you a debt of gratitude!

It is also important to recognize our Kemper Alumni and new elected board member Mr. Mike Stepto who cooked Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at the Museum. His grilling skills are world class, and we are so appreciative.

Further, many thanks to Shannon Twenter who catered our Sunday morning farewell breakfast at the museum. Those eggs and honey buns were insane!

Also, thank you very much to the city of Boonville, city council, and police department for coming together and allowing our special event to happen. A personal special thanks to Lieutenant James Deckard for his leadership on closing main street as well as Morgan St. to allow the MMA Band, Color Guard and Fusileers to perform.

Thank you to our Kemper alumni for believing in the KMS Board of Directors and supporting the dream and bringing item 2 of our bylaws to life, “To assure the legacy of Kemper lives on by building a museum”. Without your support of the association and the 1844 Society none of this is possible!

Also, many thanks to Ms. Alex Weaver, Director of Government Affairs, Ben E. Keith Beverages, and my left and right arms. Her tireless efforts behind the scenes on the website, social media, asset creation and marketing strategy do not go unnoticed.

In closing, it is important for all Kemper Alumni to understand that this Museum is the result of nineteen years of loss and the feeling of having our school ripped away from each of us. Like I said at the Saturday night gala and meeting, “We lost it once and got it back, let’s not lose it again”! Thank you for your support and God Bless America!