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January 26, 2021

Help Us Stay Connected!

Dear Alumni, 

Happy New Year and wishing you and your families a prosperous and healthy year!  As we turn the page of last year and remember all its challenges, it gives me great pleasure to inform you about our latest partnership.

Your Kemper Alumni Association is excited to announce we have partnered with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to create a 175th Anniversary Alumni Directory project that will launch on January 27, 2021. The goal for this project is to update all Alumni contact information and create a special 175th Anniversary Alumni Directory that will be made available to each of you through our partner, PCI. 

Each of you will be contacted by PCI via mail, phone or email to explain this process and how to update your contact information.  Please see the mailer example that is posted below, as well as on all KMS Alumni and group social pages.  This is an exciting directory as there will be opportunities to get involved by submitting artwork and personal stories in the first portion of the directory. Further, PCI will explain in detail how the program works and how you can get your printed and bound 175th Anniversary Alumni Directory. 

If for some reason over the next two months you do not receive contact from PCI please reach out to the KMS Alumni Association and update us on your contact information as we do not want anyone left out!  Stay safe and I wish each of you a solid New Year! 



November 17, 2020

News for November 17, 2020

Dear Alumni,

We are so excited for all Kemper Alumni and grateful for the AMAZING work they put in during our Museum kick-off weekend that was held November 5-8, 2020. Your alumni showed up and helped us begin the process of getting our Museum up and running. There was plenty of work to go around and we had the perfect TEAM to get this project launched!

To kick this off, the crew had to prep the walls for a final coat of paint on the first and second floor.  There are a few trouble spots on these floors as well as the entire third floor to finish. We were able to bring over all the Standard of Honor’s that were acquired during the auction, as well as a good amount of class pictures. Further, display cases that were in the Admin building were transported to the museum and required a deep cleaning. One of them had to be broken down completely where the glass panes were removed to be able to sand the wood to unfreeze the doors so they would open.  Tons of photos, Corp. pictures, yearbooks, signs and keepsakes were also carefully brought from storage to the museum.  We even brought the ladder over that was in the library and gave it a good cleaning.

This initial work was just the first step and there will be much more help needed in order to bring Kemper Military Schools legacy operational and enjoyable for “Old Boys”, families and the community alike.

A very special thanks to the following Alumni who participated:

  • Elise, Laura and Jody Gramlich
  • Kenny and Knox Wimberly
  • Dash and Bhisham Perti
  • James Hallam
  • James Kipper
  • Johnny Kartsonis
  • Joey Rhoer
  • Mike Stepto

Please check in often as there will be another announcement of specific projects and skills needed for our next work weekend.  

Go Yellow Jackets!

James Hallam


November 17, 2020

News for September 22, 2020

Dear Alumni,

So much has happened since our last Old Boy weekend and the celebration of the school’s 175th Anniversary! After our very successful event, your KMS Association was in HIGH gear getting the new Museum prepared for our first work weekend when the global pandemic (COVID 19) arrived in the United States.

As a result, the Board of Directors decided that tabling all work weekends and stopping the 1844 Society campaign was in the best interest of the Alumni to adhere to stay at home orders, as well as CDC guidelines for practicing social distancing and personal safety. After late July when the CDC and the President relaxed the stay at home orders and opened back up the country at 25% capacity, your KMS Association began opening back up the Museum and allowing contractors to get back to updating and construction.

As of today, all the subflooring (8-9 piers) has been installed and the floors throughout the first level have been replaced. The third level has new subflooring and the landing is in working order. Currently, we are working hard with our general contractor to update and repair the wall in the alley and redo tuck pointing on the side of the building as there is separation and the building is at risk for further damage.

Now that the economy is back to a 50% threshold the Board of Directors approved at our meeting earlier this month, to go ahead and reengage the Alumni on the 1844 Society campaign. Your 1844 Society needs your support so the Museum can house all of the archives and Kemper memorabilia we have in storage and in Alumni’s homes and estates. Please join the 1844 Society and become a supporting member of the Association!

Since the economy is still at 50% and with the changes in how business address large events and public gatherings the Board of Directors voted to cancel our traditional Fall Old Boy weekend and replace it with a work weekend November 5-8, 2020. This will be our first official gathering since last year’s meeting and we hope that some Old Boys can join us in the KMS Museum to move archives from our storage area. More information will be posted on social media.

In closing, the KMS Association understands the changes and sacrifices families are making in dealing with this global pandemic. If it does not work for you to travel or you just don’t feel up to it yet, then we will see you at the next event. For those Alumni who want to join the association will provide proper PPE equipment and social distancing will be enforced. Look forward to seeing you and please stay safe!

Go Yellow Jackets!

James Hallam


November 4, 2019

175th Anniversary of Kemper Military School

Dear Alumni,

As your newly elected President it gives me great pleasure to report that our last reunion weekend, honoring the 175th Anniversary of Kemper Military School, posted record numbers on all fronts.  

  • Attendance 200 +
  • Boonville Hotel Rooms Booked 100 (5 Hotels AVG RATE $125 per night)
  • Total KMS Alumni Deposits $8,000.00 (RSVP’s & Promotional Items)
  • Boonville Economic Impact $42,000.00 (Hotels + Meals & Discretionary)
  • Introduction of the Kemper Museum
  • Support of the Mayor and the Community
  • Support of the Alumni

This “Old Boy” weekend will go down as one of the most successful reunions to date and is only possible with the continued support of an active alumni base.

The goals moving forward and as stated on our Bi-Laws are as follows:

  1. To foster a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among the graduates and former students of Kemper Military School & College.
  2. To ensure the legacy of Kemper lives on with the creation of the Kemper Museum. (PRIMARY FOCUS)
  3. To assist in organizing state and local alumni chapters.
  4. To encourage recreational activities for its members, assist in class reunions and homecoming activities, and to promote other appropriate non-profit activities.
  5. To carry on any business necessary to the foregoing and to have and exercise all the powers conferred by the laws of Missouri upon a corporation formed under Chapter 355 Revised Statutes of Missouri, except as restricted by the Articles of Incorporation.

We are also working hard to define each level of gifting for the 1844 Society. As a result of the excitement the Society generated at the 175th Anniversary Reunion, we have set up payment options for anyone who would like to go ahead and donate. Once we have defined our levels of gifting, your donation will automatically count directly to the closest level.  Your donations can be made through our website at the following address:

You have my promise to work hard each and every day to bring more value to the association and keep the Kemper Military School name top of mind! Please follow the association on our @kempermilitaryschool Facebook page as well as our official website,  

Go Team!

James Hallam